​By thought, we all once in awhile rewind

Forcing ourselves trapped in a haze so blind

We search for something pure and kind

Within the depths of our twisted mind

The past it sometimes doesn’t let go

A suspended animation hindering life’s flow

But by thought , we also unwind

Reliving good times in a rewind


​An innocent child


At such a tender age

An innocent babe


In the throes of duality

Innocence is lost

In the spirit of

The chase

Infants bleed

Hung upside down

Punished for their curiosity


In the distance

A once monotone voice

Now responds

Touched by the hand of sanity

A divinity lost in insanity

Vibrant minds

Within us all

Ancient memories

Relive these lives

Mind’s they scream

Intertwining in ecstasy

On the helm of

A black Raven’s claws
Which once tore at their minds

Innocent souls

Once Corrupted

Still persevere

Still exist

But over-judged

And misunderstood