A View From Within

Look at how we bleed,

Killing each other to secure

Our place

In a world of

Make believe

Vacuum Living









Empty, vacant

Soulless shell

Very much alive

In this deep wicked hell

Projected Life

Covet your oh-so-precious moments
While running away from your laments

Become the thing you see around you
While forsaking your true self & view

Undo all the wrongs you’ve done
While victimizing yourself to fun

Dull your mind as you keep sucking up
While hiding all that you keep fucking up

Poor little lost piece of shit
Are you at peace being a fit?

The turmoil and congestion in your unused mind
Let’s you keep yourself away from the sacred find

All for the sake of pleasant and good memories
All for the sake of story-telling & vague summaries

All for the sake of living your one life to the fullest
All for the sake of running away from the purest

A burn wound for your clit from your fav humping pillow
Keep tossing your mind out in the name of Y.O.L.O

Constantly let down by those who say they care
Always on my own in all my times of despair

I think I have a drinking problem now
Depression divine – Ha-Ha. LoL. LoL. LoL.

I keep building my fences higher and higher

Just A Joke

Did you know him?

Yes!Him!I didn’t know him!
Oh,really?I didn’t know him as well!

As well as what?
What was in his life’s well?

Well, who knows?
Did you know him?

Me?No!Never took the time actually!
Oh,how sad!What about you?

Any clue who he was?
Nope!Just another nameless soul to me!

Hmm mm
How sad!

Doesn’t anybody know him?
Me?No!Who me?No!

Well,it looks he was in an invisible cloak!
Trying to fit in with us??
Wasn’t he just a joke!

Or was he?


Where is this fabled lifelong friend of mine?
Yet to be met and found to be forever thine

I look around me everywhere and see everyone
Has someone they are close to that it seems so fun

Best friends, close friends, a maze of a friend circle
None of which I’ve gained with my life’s sparkle

Unacknowledged, forever twisted and alone
Have I forgotten an old sin that I must atone?

To be with a companion
Who is with you till the end
In someone’s eyes to be a champion
I painfully long for a lifelong friend

Maybe I am destined to be left behind eternally
To have hope given and taken away from me endlessly

With a worn and heavy heart in abandon
I long for a lifelong constant companion

Where is this fabled lifelong friend of mine?
Yet to be met and found to be forever thine

Will I Ever?

Will I ever truly go
To the far East to grow?

In mind, in body, in spirit
I wish to nullify this life’s defecit

Living with a silent scorn
All efforts vain and torn

Endless ridiculing
Suffocation stifling

Oh my illuminary friend
Please help me see this end

Will I ever truly go
To the far East to grow?

Stagnating within a stagnant pause